In order to operate safely, St. Patrick Sports Camp will conduct their day-to-day activities according to the

following guidelines. Perrotta Consulting LLC, a company with a proven track record in mitigating

COVID-19 spread in schools and businesses, has aided in the creation of our operating plan, and will

conduct any necessary contact tracing measures.


  • Check-in times will be staggered according to grade.
  • When possible, different cohorts in the same grade will be assigned separate entry points.
  • Whenever possible, check-in will be held outside.
  • Campers must pre-register for each day. At the latest, they should pre-register before 10:00 PM the night before.
  • If there is low turnout one day, “day-of’ registration may be allowed that day.
  • Campers must complete the health check on the St. Patrick Sports Camp website every morning.
  • Campers must have their temperatures checked and hands sanitized upon arrival.

Groups / Day Planning

  • Campers will be assigned personal spots at tables to keep their belongings, eat, or do individual
  • activities.
  • Cohorts will be limited in group size.
  • Activities will be socially distanced as often as possible.
  • Groups will be divided by grade.
  • If combining is necessary, groups will never combine with groups more than one grade apart.
  • Half-day campers will be in their own group.


  • Lunchtimes will be staggered by age group.
  • Campers will eat at their assigned personal spot.
  • When distancing cannot be maintained, barriers will be implemented between campers.
  • Lunch options will be safely distributed, one camper at a time.


  • All high contact surfaces should be disinfected every morning and every night at a minimum.
  • High contact areas include but are not limited to chairs, tables, floor, doorknobs, light switches, shared equipment.
  • Equipment should be used by only one cohort whenever possible.
  • Tables and chairs should be disinfected after each use.
  • Bathrooms should be cleaned at least four times a day, but ideally by the hour.

On-Site Symptoms

  • If a camper or staff member begins to experience COVID-19 symptoms or fever, they should be directed to a designated COVID-19 isolation location without making contact with anybody else.
  • The on-site COVID-19 manager will be immediately notified.
  • A temperature test will be immediately administered upon arrival to the isolation location.
  • Campers should be picked up by a parent or guardian as soon as possible.
  • If the camper or staffer has trouble breathing, persistent chest pain, confusion, or blue lips, 911 should be called.
  • The immediate area of the person displaying symptoms should be immediately vacated and disinfected.


  • Dismissal times will be staggered, and as many exits will be used as possible.
  • If a parent needs to enter, only one will at a time to retrieve campers from their seats.
  • Half-day campers will be picked up from the door one at a time.