Kindergarten - 4th Grade

The Shamrockettes teaches young girls all the essential skills to work together and exude school and team spirit. Our program will ensure that each Shamrockette will learn cheers, proper hand and body movements as well as dance techniques. There is no stunting, just a big focus on fun while each Shamrockette learns important life skills such as team-building and leadership.

Shamrockette Attendance Policy

  • We understand that children get sick and that there are extenuating family circumstances, however, Shamrockettes are expected to attend all practices. Three or more absences is considered excessive.
  • If a child’s excessive absences are affecting their knowledge of cheers, a discussion will need to be had if they can continue with the Shamrockettes Program.
  • Attending other sports, programs, or activities are not considered an excused absence from Shamrockettes.

Grades Kindergarten – 1st

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Grades 2nd – 4th

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